Can Your Pants Survive Football Season

Can Your Pants Survive Football Season

College Game Day came on at 9am this past Saturday and I was thrilled.  We when we got married I watched NFL football and my wife was a NCAA girl.  We brought each other into our individual ecosystems and now football is on all weekend during the fall.

What also comes with football season are tailgates, cook-outs and snacks on snacks.  Everyone gets a cheat day, but football season makes it hard to not do a “cheat weekend”.  At Agile Outfitters we do not preach one diet over another.  There are a lot of variables that go into making a diet work for you.  What does matter is you caloric in-take.  You have to eat enough to fuel your body, but you don’t want to eat so much on the weekends that you ruin all your work during the week.  

The secret is to obviously know, based on your body composition, what that caloric intake number is.   You can use this calculator to get a good idea of what your body burns doing nothing, your BMR.  These numbers are not perfect, no caloric formula is, but it's a place to start.

So let’s say you’re a 160 lb female, 5’5” and age 40.  Your body burns 1,457 calories if you did absolutely nothing but sleep.  If you do zero exercise and just go about your day, you’re up to 1,748, if you do light exercise, you’re at 2,003 and if you’re doing HITT workouts 3 days a week you're up to 2,258 calories a day.   To get your full intake like I did here you can use the below once you know your BMR.

  1. If you are sedentary (little or no exercise)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.2
  2. If you are lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.375
  3. If you are moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) 
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.55
  4. If you are very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725
  5. If you are extra active (very hard exercise/sports & physical job or 2x training)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.9

Knowledge is power.  Knowing what you body will consume will help you say on track during football season.  Using your Calorie Calculation number you can track what you are eating and stay slightly below that number if your trying to lose, or slightly above it it your going for gains.

Stay Agile!

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